About Us

About J.R. McDade Company

Arizona’s Flooring, Granite & Marble Leader

Our Mission

We’re committed to serving Arizona with excellence.

We, at the J.R. McDade Company, are dedicated to providing creative interior options, in a professional environment with enthusiastic people, excellent supervision and service, focused on one goal…. Client Satisfaction.

Arizona homeowners and builders of all types have trusted us for the last fifty years to design beautiful surfaces. Whether you’re building your own home, building a client’s custom dream home, a 200-home tract, a 300-unit hi-rise or launching your next commercial endeavor, we believe that elegance and perfection result only from experience.  When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your project we understand it is the end result that is looked upon every time you walk into a room, make a meal for your family on the kitchen counter, or welcome a new guest or client into your impressive establishment.